Surprising And Entertaining Art Facts

Surprising And Entertaining Art Facts

The art world is generally quite serious, full of creative individuals sharing their perspectives on the world. Having knowledge in art is vital, and if you want to learn more and get smarter, you can go to free iq test instant results where you can quickly obtain a result regarding your test, which is extremely beneficial in learning and understanding about art and more. However, did you know that art and the people behind it can also be entertaining or even funny?

Art was an Olympic event

Between 1912 and 1948, you could compete in the Olympics as an artist with a work of art inspired by sports! The Olympic Games’ creator, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, thought that a real Olympian might be both a superb athlete and an artist. Medals were given out for different sports-inspired creations in architecture, music, art, sculpture, and literature.

The Mona Lisa only became known when the painting was stolen

Vincenzo Peruggia, a Louvre employee, stole the Mona Lisa from the museum in 1911. That may sound strange, but the picture was unknown at the time! The vacant area where the picture had hung drew more attention than the painting itself. It became a massive media controversy, and the police even interrogated Pablo Picasso as part of the probe. It wasn’t until two years later, when Vincenzo sought to sell the picture, that the Louvre was able to reclaim it. Following this, the painting’s name was unmistakably established.

Only one person in the whole world is allowed to use the blackest black paint

Vanta Black is the darkest black in the world, absorbing 99.96% of the light that strikes it. That implies it’s so dark that it’s nearly difficult to see! This black is also utilized to create a paint that can only be used by one guy on the planet: Anish Kapoor, a British sculptor. He is the only individual on the planet who is authorized to use this paint. Many people in the art world were outraged, including Stuart Semple, a British painter who produces his own. He created PINK, the rosiest pink on the planet, as well as his own virtually blackest black – BLACK 2.0. In this manner, anyone may paint with the darkest black on the planet!

The sky in Evard Munch’s famous painting The Scream was probably really that red

You’ve probably seen The Scream, in which a guy screams against a crimson sky. For a long time, it was assumed that the whole picture was the result of Edvard’s imagination, however, research has revealed that the sky was most likely indeed crimson! The explanation is a huge volcanic explosion in Indonesia that colored the sunsets all around the world crimson.

Purple was once one of the most expensive colors in the world

Purple paint was once created from shells. One pound of purple pigment required the grinding of four million shells. As a result, the hue became so costly that it was only used for paintings of emperors and monarchs, and even then only for minor details like the border of garments.

With this Banksy mural, you got a free house

A couple in Bristol failed to sell their property due to a large mural on the side of the building. Until they made the decision to sell the mural themselves! Banksy, a well-known graffiti artist, created this early work. The earnings from this mural were expected to be over €235,000. More than twice the value of the real residence!

The oldest artwork of a person probably dates from 230,000 BC

The Venus of Berekhat Ram is a lady figurine that is said to be around 230,000 years old. This implies that the monument was most likely created by Homo sapiens’ ancestors. However, the archaeological community is divided on whether the statue is, in fact, a statue. Despite microscopic studies, experts are unable to determine whether or not the figure is made of stone. If not, the earliest female figure is the Venus van Hohle Fels. This one dates back to 40,000 BC.