Month: January 2021

Feminist Art On The Road To Digitization In 2021

Digitization had been dominating many aspects of our lives since the advent of the world wide web and the internet as a whole. The same technology is starting to unlock secured data such as the iCloud onlock. But still, the same technology opens the doors for new trends that still need to be explored. Digitization…

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How to be a Good Artist?

“You are an artist once you state that you are. And you are a great artist if you make someone else feel or experience something profound or sudden.” — Amanda Palmer Individuals are arguing about the worth of art and if a person should or should not be regarded as an artist. Amanda Palmer flawlessly…

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The Benefits of Creativity for Every Workplace

Creativity is no longer a side dish for companies; certainly there are a growing number of researches that have discovered whatever the mission of the business, including creativity in the workplace has a number of advantages. Our primary ethos here at PopUp Art is allowing creativity available to the majority, no matter their background or…

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