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Why is the Cost of Artworks so Expensive?

Are you wondering why the price of paintings are selling at ridiculously expensive prices at art auction? Does it make you think what made these items extremely valuable? There are many economists who would tell you that the cost of art such as the price of commodities is primarily based on the law of demand…

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The Different Ways Art can be Interpreted by True Artists

Art is simply incredible for anyone can create it using virtually anything around them. These days, artists opt to express their idea and themselves using multiple methods aside from the conventional watercolor, pens and charcoal. New trends of utilizing unorthodox materials in expressing these ideas and to send message becomes more common among new breed…

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The Art of Grab and Taxi and the Benefits of Commuters

The taxi industry, specifically Transport Network Companies r TNCs will benefit from the digital revolution that has been happening in the Philippines for a few years now. Filipinos are becoming more and more open to technological advances-especially in the mobile arena. More often than not, one will see a pedestrian looking at his mobile phone…

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The Art of Animation

The world of animation is such a wonder and amazement to everyone especially to little kids who have as much wide imagination and storytelling skills. The animation is a gateway for the birth of all ideas and imaginative stories that are too wonderful to stay stagnant and untold. Creating animations are the golden outputs of…

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How 3D Printing is Changing Contemporary Art?

Today, seems that nothing’s impossible with science and technology. In the past few years, the emergence of new art media has been staggering and it was embraced by contemporary arts. On the other hand, the birth of 3D printers as well as 3D printed art has resulted to a massive debate that could be summed…

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In and Out of the Food Preservation Art

In today’s era, precooked meals are already a thing and are greatly patronized by on-the-go individuals. AS we all know, this type of food has gone numerous process of preservation to lengthen the time of its decomposition. Some of the methods that are involved in these pre-cooked meals have given alert to the risks of…

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