Month: February 2021

Facts about Art Appreciation

Art appreciation moves past staring in a painting hanging on the walls of a museum – the artwork is in all and everywhere you look. Opening your eyes to the world of art is critical in comprehending the world around you. Art is over pretentious museums; just a couple enter and understand. Rather, art recognition…

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The Meaning of Art

The art of this time is not an art that eludes the existential meaning of man. Nor is it an art that strives for numerically measurable market profit, but rather it is an art that takes care of the connection between itself and the world. She may be full of suffering and anger, she may…

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Why is the Cost of Artworks so Expensive?

Are you wondering why the price of paintings are selling at ridiculously expensive prices at art auction? Does it make you think what made these items extremely valuable? There are many economists who would tell you that the cost of art such as the price of commodities is primarily based on the law of demand…

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