Month: August 2019

Turning Tires into a Piece of Art

Do you always have the feeling of wanting to get people’s eyes on your car whenever you drove by? Basically, one way to get people to get hook with your car is by painting your cars. Some often incorporate tire painting when they participate in drag racing, while some just want attention, or some basically…

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How to Make Abstract Painting

We hear views and lots of views on artwork that’s subjective and it could be contentious. So women and many men think it’s simple and everyone can do it. If that’s accurate, why aren’t they doing so? We know, although not everyone will understand a piece. Everything boils down to such principles: composition, color, and…

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The Art of Grab and Taxi and the Benefits of Commuters

The taxi industry, specifically Transport Network Companies r TNCs will benefit from the digital revolution that has been happening in the Philippines for a few years now. Filipinos are becoming more and more open to technological advances-especially in the mobile arena. More often than not, one will see a pedestrian looking at his mobile phone…

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