Five Reasons Why We Need Art

Five Reasons Why We Need Art

Art, in its many forms, exists in every community, every culture, and each country. Here are five reasons why I feel we want art:

1. Art may be a Natural Human Behavior: Creating art may be a primal behavior. Children, the globe over, instinctively make. Every culture has art. Like language and laughter, art may be a fundamental human behavior. Put very simply, art may be a part of who we are. we want art because it makes us complete kinsmen.

2. Art is Communication: Art, like language, maybe a medium to precise ideas and share information. Art offers us a technique to speak what we might not necessarily fully understand or know the way to precise. Art helps us to share thoughts, ideas, and visions that will not be able to be articulated the other way. we want art to own a full range of expression.

3. Art is Healing: Creating or experiencing art can relax and soothe us or it’s going to enliven and stimulate us. Experiencing art also gives us reason to think and be reflective or may inspire us to induce up and dance. Art provides a release, an area for reflection, and how to have interaction with our whole selves. we’d like art to stay healthy.

4. Art reflects cultural values, beliefs, and identity and helps to preserve the numerous different communities that form up our world. We want art to grasp and to share our individual and shared history.

5. Art could be a Shared Experience: The creation of art could be a collective activity. Art forms like dance, theatre, and choir all require a bunch of artists and an audience. Art offers us a reason to return together and share in an experience. we’d like art to stay connected.


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