IntrixJB: How To Collect And Receive Digital Art

IntrixJB: How To Collect And Receive Digital Art

Collecting digital art is one thing and preserving it is quite another thing. What happens when digital works of art are out of date? How do you display digital art at your home?

It’s that easy to buy a painting. You like it, you buy it and it hangs on the wall, maybe for 500 years if you are a renaissance prince or until you sell it. With one type of art, however, the process is a little more complex. This is the ‘time-based media’ or ‘media art’ for works in digital formats. This is where IntrixJB can help. Through this, you can maximize your phone’s functions.

IntrixJB: Technology ages art quickly


Digital works are nothing new in public art. New York’s Whitney Museum of Modern Art in 2018 put on a show that explored coding, computers, and art all the way back to 1965. The Tate Modern found in London has just shown the first major display of Bruce Nauman’s work for the past 20 years. This includes early black and white film, and the Tate collection of time-based media goes back over 60 years.

Artists like Nauman, Jennifer Steinkamp, Gilbert and George,  ​​ Bill Viola, Gillian Wearing, and Olaf Eliasson have been active for decades. After the early work on VHS or Betamax, there is now an unbelievable wealth of new media that are actively used by the generation of digital natives.

This is exactly where the problem for collectors lies. How can you keep up with this rapid development in technology? What happens if the platform on which the digital artwork was created is out of date? And how do you display your collection when you live in a house rather than an art gallery?

IntrixJB: Digital art is a growing market

This secondary market will grow as the digital natives, unwilling to be deterred by technology, both collect and create. Already there is a bewildering plethora of artists, artwork, and online galleries to choose from in a global art world. You are no longer limited to a small elite in a handful of cities. You don’t let physical, cultural or geographic boundaries stop you.