Doodling – Everyone Can Doodle

Doodling – Everyone Can Doodle

Doodle as an art form. 

You know it for sure: On the side – for example when making a phone call or at school – you somehow scribble around, decorate the edges of the folder or paint your name in different font styles. This whole scribble has earned one or the other name in recent years – doodling, doodle, scribbling, drawing, and others until it became an art form. And that art form is popular right now.

You can see doodling printed out in many t-shirts. You can even print out your own doodle art through heat press printing (if you have a heat press machine) or through silkscreen. If you want to make money from your doodles, you can start by purchasing a heat press machine – read this: a long heat press machine review article

EVERYONE can do Doodle!

Everyone can doodle, even a five-year-old can doodle. You don’t have to be able to draw or paint, you don’t need any special talents, tools or painting utensils. Paper and pen – that’s enough. And then you paint lines, dots, circles, flowers, leaves, circles, triangles, squares, waves … whatever you want and combine them to form a picture.

If you want something a little more exclusive, you can not just scribble all over a piece of paper, but think of a certain shape that you want to scribble. The whole thing is also called zentangle if you want to use it as a form of therapy. It’s about concentrating on painting – not doing it on the side, but relaxing.

And then there is hand lettering. It’s nothing more than handwriting, but it probably sounds better, newer, cooler. The most famous “hand lettering form” is probably calligraphy and is familiar to almost everyone.

Doodle – animals, flowers, shapes

Many of us started to doodle shapes that turned to flowers, animals…The shapes took a vivid picture after filling in the outline with colors or shade of pencil or pen. Anyone who paints eggs rather than circles can use a compass.

Doodling is a figment of your imagination

Not only artists can paint a picture or draw a straight line or perfect circle. We all can. While everyone can in fact doodle on pages, only a few can really doodle a figment of the imagination as close as they can get through a paper, pen or pencil. That’s why doodling is a form of art because only a few can really doodle out what the eyes have seen.

Artists, as kids, started doodling

All the artists that we know has started somewhere somehow. And I’m quite sure they all started out from doodling, then playing with colors, then paint. But it didn’t happen overnight. They should have practiced day in and day out. While their emotions are fired up, their hands are at work at doodling.

So if you find your child or anyone doodling their thoughts out, encourage them. Let them doodle. It’s their emotional outlet. It destresses and it helps them become somebody else.