A brief intro to art

A brief intro to art

Drawing, art education, or just “art” is a subject that is taught from the first grade. If you are planning to buy 7 year old gifts for your children then art materials can be a perfect choice.

What do you learn in art?

Art education serves to promote one’s own creativity to the highest degree. In art class, for example, you learn to draw with paper and a brush.

Which subject areas does art include?

Generally speaking, art denotes a developed activity. These include:

Visual arts

These include paintings, sculptures, and architecture.

Performing Arts

The performing arts include theater, dance, and film.


This includes not only the instruments and compositions but also the associated interpretations.


The field of literature extends over the subject areas of epic, poetry, and drama.

Other forms of expression, such as photography or the making of comics, are now part of the field of art. Media such as radio and television are now also included. The latter two are often referred to as media art. The visual and performing arts are primarily treated in art classes.

Theory and practice

Even if art is mostly practical, there is a lot of theoretical knowledge to be learned in this subject. In addition to painting and the associated artists, you also learn a lot in the field of architecture. It is interesting to see what amazing structures people have created. If you take a closer look at old buildings, mainly churches, you will quickly recognize some similarities and also some differences between individual epochs in human history. The epochs and the associated art-typical styles are also part of the topic of art lessons.

Other subject areas of the art class are form theory and color theory and those who would like to deepen it a little further can also deal with typography, i.e. the art of depicting writing.

Gaining experience in art classes

In practice, you can do everything yourself. Signs with paper and pencil or a paint box or sitting at a pottery wheel by yourself are absolutely no exception. At many schools, students are given tasks that include drawings.

Art classes promote creativity and this is particularly important nowadays when you have to devote yourself to planning projects. Creative thinking encourages taking unconventional measures into consideration and breaking new ground.