Let’s Fly Wisely : DJI Drones in the World of Visual Arts

Let’s Fly Wisely : DJI Drones in the World of Visual Arts

Artists have been the early adopters of commercial drones; creating stunning visual arts that all the more sparked interests in unmanned aerial technology. While some were at first skeptical if a budget drone can perform the job of capturing excellent aerial camera shots, letsflywisely.com via the DJI Mavic Mini test reviews (https://letsflywisely.com/dji-mavic-mini-review/ ) provided proof that they can.

Drone reviews on the other hand led many hobbyists to the discovery of affordable yet feature-rich quadcopters that inspired many to become budding artists as well.

A Quick Glimpse at DJI Mavic Mini

Being lightweight and portable with a weight of only 249 grams, the DJI Mavic Mini is the popular choice among hikers looking to capture unique natural scenes, as subjects for their next art project. Equipped with a 12MP camera, a Mavic Mini is very capable of taking aerial photos of scenic spots at 2.7K full high definition (FHD), which even low-skilled drone pilots can manage to accomplish by using the intuitive, Android-compatible DJI Fly app..

Budding artists who were inspired by the great works of well-known professional drone artists like wildlife filmmaker and photographer Nansen Weber, were soon scouring test reviews of heavy-duty drones like the DJI Inspire 1; or even the more advanced Inspire 2.

The video below shows an example of Nansen Weber’s visual art photography, showcasing the Arctic’s beauty and value. Weber’s visual art has moved many conservationists to push forward more climate change advocacies to save the region.

Still, while new commercial drone flyers engage in exploration activities, this article also aims to remind them that there are safety rules that must be observed, as conveyed by the Let’s Fly Wisely slogan.

The Let’s Fly Wisely Basic Rules to Observe When Flying Commercial Drones

While it’s disappointing that National Parks are off limits to drone explorations as well as in Washington D.C., there are other places unencumbered by technological restrictions. The important thing is for drone operators to observe the following basic rules:

  • Maintain flight levels at 400 feet and below
  • Always keep your quadcopter constantly within sight
  • Know the restricted airspaces prescribed by state laws and make sure not to fly over them.
  • Flying near other aircraft poses great risks so it would be best to avoid areas near airports.
  • Flying over crowds is definitely not allowed, which also makes it unsafe to fly over stadiums or sport arenas.
  • Never fly over emergency situations so as not to hamper emergency responses.
  • Never fly quadcopters while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including medical marijuana.