Month: July 2020

Social Networking Websites for Designers and Artist

Social media platforms are excellent places to showcase the best work and promote it. Online presence could help to secure a new job, gain freelance clients or creative collaborators, as well as build a professional reputation. But with so many social media platforms to choose from, how do artists know which ones to use? To…

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What is the Origin of Origami?

The Japanese term “Origami” itself is a compound of two Japanese phrases: “ori” (root verb “oru”), which means to fold, and also “kami”, meaning newspaper. Until lately, not all kinds of paper folding have been piled under the term origami. Before this, paper folding to the drama was understood by an assortment of titles, such…

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How Realtors Use Art to Sell Luxurious Properties

Houses are sold by art! Dressing empty spaces as a marketing approach to the market is by no means a recent phenomenon but in the past few years, notably in London using artwork to make an image and stable a home sale has skyrocketed. Whether its own corporate offices, yachts, flats, or townhouses programmers and…

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