Month: December 2020

Great art evokes strong emotions

Art can take the form of theater, film, or music, all of which aim to make people happy and to entertain. But when plays, films, or songs are produced for a specific audience or purpose, the art begins to consciously arouse deeper emotions in the viewer. Keep Vid is what you need if you want…

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The Reasons Pets Go Well With Artists

  We do not know a lot about art, but we all know what we enjoy: artwork featuring creatures. Last month, the National Portrait Gallery started its own companion animal-themed display, the Popular Pet Show that we can’t hesitate to follow. The exhibition has been curated by Dr. Sarah Engledow, a historian, curator, and animal…

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Sleep and Creativity: What is their Difference

Sleep & Creativity People frequently state that they are more efficient, make decisions more completely, are the most obvious, and more productive in the morning. Research implies that this is because we have freshly woken up from REM rest. People encounter the longest span of REM sleep right before waking up. During this time, the…

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