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Partnering with Hotels to Sell Your Artwork

Neuschwanstein hotel and several other hotels in different parts of the world are gradually becoming an exhibition space. Whether it is sculptures, print over the headboard, paintings hung on the walls and the likes, the art collection of a hotel creates a truly unique experience. If you are an artist and would like to commission…

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The Benefits of Creativity for Every Workplace

Creativity is no longer a side dish for companies; certainly there are a growing number of researches that have discovered whatever the mission of the business, including creativity in the workplace has a number of advantages. Our primary ethos here at PopUp Art is allowing creativity available to the majority, no matter their background or…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Music Experience

Music. From rap to fly to show, music is a special and individual approach to communicate one’s feelings and emotions. Music can be the inventory of a person’s biography, or it very well may be a straightforward single piece that brings out forceful feeling for a brief timeframe. As significant as music is to our…

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