Partnering with Hotels to Sell Your Artwork

Partnering with Hotels to Sell Your Artwork

Neuschwanstein hotel and several other hotels in different parts of the world are gradually becoming an exhibition space. Whether it is sculptures, print over the headboard, paintings hung on the walls and the likes, the art collection of a hotel creates a truly unique experience. If you are an artist and would like to commission your artworks, perhaps, hotels may just be your next biggest client.

Why You should Network with Hotels?

If you are still feeling reluctant of working with hotel establishments to promote your artwork, then possibly, the following reasons may convince you.

Hotels Support and Focus on Local Art

Hotels are aiming to promote their local area as well. Thus, they are featuring local artists as their cultural ambassadors. If you would carefully think about it, hotels serve as a marketing platform in showcasing what the area can offer to travelers.

After all, art and culture are a big part of local communities and economies as a whole. With this said, it makes total sense that hotels are promoting their cultural heritage by commissioning local artist work.

Hotels have a Personality

Hotels are pretty much like artists; they’re using their brand in order to differentiate and define themselves. There are some hotels that are modern and slick while some are historic and quaint.

Finding the Right Hotel that Suits Your Brand

If you wanted to give it a shot, then make sure that you start meeting potential clients. In entertaining guests, hotels are offering artistic programming that you can be a part of such as artist discussions or hands-on painting classes.

Connect with the Owners who are also Art Collectors

In the event that the hotel owner is known for being an art collector themselves, then there is a big chance that they house some of the greatest artworks in the world. The passion they have for art trickles down to the four corners of their hotel. Take advantage of it and network with them to promote your work.

Always keep in mind that hotel owners can play a huge role in the acquisition of your artwork. So never underestimate the power of networking with these businesses.