Why We Need Arts in Times of Crisis

Why We Need Arts in Times of Crisis

Art helps us to specific and to know the planet around us.

We are unique in our human drive to make and have interaction with the humanities. Historically, humans are visually expressive beings. The artwork within the cave carbon dates to an estimated 7300 BC. This sea of overlapping hands and illustration provides a lens into a past life and builds a present-day reference to our stone-age ancestors.

Ancient humans not only recorded their lives through art, but they also used art to specific themselves. We do that today, too—the arts create community by depicting shared events and expressing our individual perspectives.

Culture, made of customs, social interactions, and activities, is fueled by the humanities. Be it music, food, or visual arts, culture and also the arts are inseparable. We are seeing an increased intercommunicate of the humanities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, we’ve turned to art engagement as a source of comfort and strength. Participating in and viewing art makes us connect with a more universal human experience. Be it art-making reception, public murals, watching and paying attention to plays and music, or new-found interests in culinary arts, art is an expression of what it means to be human.


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