Vaping – A Modern Art Form

Vaping – A Modern Art Form

You might have heard of vaping, a new form and alternative to traditional smoking. With its numerous flavors and brand, such as juicehead, vaping has become very popular among smokers across the globe. However, many may not still be aware of how not only this new form of smoking is changing the smoking experience but also how it is changing modern art as well.

Vaping Dominates E-Cigarette

E-cigarette sale have risen since it was initially made available in the market, but in 2014 have dropped by 10.4%. It is supposed that the reason for the falloff is that more individuals are switching from e-cigarettes to the use of vapes for the reason that vapes offer more variety of flavors, tricks as well as premium e-juice that is more refined getting rid of more impurities.

Vaping Vs. E-Cigarettes

Vapes and e-cigarettes are in some ways the same, but they also have their differences. Although both are powered by batteries to convert the e-liquid into vapor, e-cigarettes could look a lot like traditional cigarettes whereas vapes come in various sizes, shapes and designs and have a wide array of flavor combos available.

Vaping – A New Form Of Art

Vaping has entered the industry of art. Daniel Walsh, for instance, has turned into a cultural lead in the industry of vaping, as he has steered the way to make a contemporary art form. Another example is King Titus who is standing out in the vaping scene as well, as he creates distinctive tricks making use of vape clouds that couldn’t be copied or replicated. The industry of vaping is forming an artistic community among vapers to display their passion for art and vaping.  

With the purpose of producing their own vaping art, the complex vaping designs of King Titus is an excellent example for people to see and embrace the fact that vaping is indeed a new modern form of art. But, if you would want to reach the skill level or even go beyond the skills of King Titus in creating such intricate designs, just like any other artists, you will have to practice and work hard, as King Titus’ smoke rings could confront belief. Moreover, it only took him some years to become one of the top artist in the world of vaping.