The Art of Animation

The Art of Animation

The world of animation is such a wonder and amazement to everyone especially to little kids who have as much wide imagination and storytelling skills. The animation is a gateway for the birth of all ideas and imaginative stories that are too wonderful to stay stagnant and untold. Creating animations are the golden outputs of days, months, and even years of creative making and passionate patience to achieving digital details, features, characters, and story scenes, and as fun and exciting as we get to watch it, it is far from the strenuous hard work our animators have to make in order to create and produce one full length animated film. Here are some tips for beginners who want to create their own animations through WaveMaker low code platform and more!

Tips on Starting your Own Animation

Simple Movement. In beginning and in the process of properly harnessing your inner animation talents first, it is very essential to start the plate with the simplest movements possible on your characters and frame. Grand gestures are overrated and will take all of your time that will hinder you from smoothly progressing first, considering the fact that you are just starting and experimenting. Simple movements will be your strong foundation for the more complex ones later on and will let you create and discover your own techniques in animation.

Exaggerate. Contrary to the first tip, it is best to pair these simple movements with the most exaggerated characters and actions from them emitting the sense of animation which caters to the fact that all are pure juices of your creative mind. Always be brave in the scary art of exaggeration, because again this is where you will build your strong foundations and passion to the art of animation, that can give way to great outputs from you as projects come and go.

Observe. With simple movements and exaggeration ironically combined, it is best and very educational to observe. Observe both your work and existing animated films on how everything is delivered. Make sure that when observing, put more attention to the smallest detail that will always seem like the last thing you should notice but is the very thing that will put an impact to a scene or to your character. From a smirk, a raise of an eyebrow or a flinch, details go beyond the bigger pictures that will surely get a viewer’s attention and will pique interest.

Beginner’s Animation