The Meaning of Art

The Meaning of Art

The art of this time is not an art that eludes the existential meaning of man.

Nor is it an art that strives for numerically measurable market profit, but rather it is an art that takes care of the connection between itself and the world. She may be full of suffering and anger, she may get rid of her physical and mental complexes, she may talk to herself and tell the world her own story; But there is one point: it must not ingratiate itself with trends, it must not flaunt itself and seek advantage, and it must certainly not obscure the spirit of freedom.

It can explore the world in the metaphysical spheres, but it must not speculate on profit in the earthly lowlands.

That’s why art is called art because it is one of those human expressions in this world that has spiritual meaning; it is the reserve of ultimate idealism, which the unconscious of humanity has not yet given up.

If there is a lack of respect and understanding for these people, then we cannot understand art either, then there is no starting point from which to talk about art because art in its diversity, complexity, and fashions does not seem to follow any principles.

But if we want to go back to the origins of our being and art in the face of the common problems that humanity faces, then we have to say that so-called good art actually comes from those who care for and about people in the world reflect on the questions of this world. You are a group of people

The purpose of the existence of the art world should be to remind, uphold, and protect these people who take care of the world.

speaking of, this world would be much darker without real, meaningful art. Because that is so, what is called art can be as diverse, chaotic, border-crossing or amateurish – it still has a relieving function – because in the end the world of art is closely connected with the world of people because it only thanks to the peculiarity of art gives an interpretation and symbolic interpretation of the meaning of the world. Only then can we take a stand when looking at art and find a refuge for our conscience.

Seen in this way, art is not complicated, and the contradictions of art are cleared up because we no longer worry about what pure art is or what is not art, but once again affirm the value and importance of human beings. This affirmation is real, it is not lying or virtual. In reality, there are many alleged “great masters” who are anything but that, but who profit from the high status they commonly enjoy and therefore adorn themselves with the halo of art. Art is definitely the art of the true self, which can only find its freedom and happiness in the closed world of the inside.

As for people in today’s world, in creating, enjoying, exploring, and preserving art, they should be imbued with an idealistic spirit. As artists, they should remain true to the principles that make up a significant artistic existence and discover and appreciate these real people in art.

Art can be seen as a reflection of one’s self, may it be from simple photos, drawings, portraits, sculptures, and by using online programs such as paint by numbers custom adobes vast library for editing, or simply from what you create.