Great art evokes strong emotions

Great art evokes strong emotions

Art can take the form of theater, film, or music, all of which aim to make people happy and to entertain. But when plays, films, or songs are produced for a specific audience or purpose, the art begins to consciously arouse deeper emotions in the viewer.

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The functions of art

All of the above definitions and theories are equally applicable. The reason people have so different experiences with art is because it fulfills so many functions at the same time.

Memory – Artists not only keep a visual copy of a memory, they also record the emotions associated with the memory.

Hope – Art reminds you that there is beauty in the world that you can see, appreciate, and achieve for yourself.

Grief – Not only does it expand your ability to be happy, it also illustrates your grief.

Realignment – You gain balance through art by taking a moment to judge, appreciate and observe things. It’s the things you don’t normally see that give you the most important answers.

Growth – Art forces you to react and put yourself in situations that you are not used to.

Appreciation – Art helps you to rediscover the value of everyday things that you may have lost before.

Self- conception – Art helps you to complete your own undersigned thoughts and ideas.

What is art – more than just a practice

One thing is clear: that art is more than just a practice – it is a way of life. It’s a passion and more than just a skill. Art is more than just a picture – it tells a story.

The fact that art resonates very strongly with human experience doesn’t make it surprising that it has become part of human lives.

Some people say that art is boring. But it is precisely that art that can also entertain, create more awareness and strengthen tolerance to accept foreign cultures, no matter how strange it may appear from your own perspective.

Art plays an important role in the fight against intolerance towards other cultures and opinions, racism and other forms of social demarcation. Art helps ensure that identities and cultures are appropriately recognized around the world.