The Importance of SEO for Art Websites

The Importance of SEO for Art Websites

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What can artists do to extend traffic to their websites? One in all the most important drivers of traffic is search, and having your website link show up in online searches can help. Search engine optimization techniques include using keywords, and updating content frequently – but one of the best ways to assist increase your website ranking is by gaining backlinks.

Links that come from other websites to your art website are called backlinks. The more highly ranked the opposite side, the more “link juice” it provides. Google’s search engine likes to determine backlinks that come from authoritative websites, which serves to differentiate yours as deserve a visit moreover.

Getting press from blogs and news sites may be a good way to make strong backlinks. And writing guest articles on blogs are often very helpful also. But what if you don’t have the time or desire to pursue either of these options?

Aside from hiring a link building service, you can create your own backlinks by contributing to websites that have high rankings and permit publication. Here are some suggestions of websites that will give backlinks to your art website:


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This is often a Q&A website where experts provide information on many topics. It also gives you the chance to form a profile and write a blog post on any subject of your choosing. Share a number of your expertise, or your artist story. Provide information for people inquisitive about your medium. And, include a link to your website in your post.


This is often a preferred and fun site with many creative contents. If your art is absolutely interesting (as it presumably is!) you’ll be able to create a free account here and compose it. Use many photos and links to your art website. Readers can vote articles up or down, and therefore the ones that get the foremost votes gain more exposure. Employing a captivating title for your article will really help grab attention on this site.


A highly-ranked site that encourages you to self-publish articles on any topic, and includes photos, which may be a perfect vehicle for visual artists and manufacturers. Stories that get many “hearts” and shares may find yourself as Top Stories. Visual percept and Editor’s Picks are categories that will spread your article to a lot of readers. Don’t forget to feature that link to your website to drive traffic and help your ranking.


Join this community and write a piece including a link to your site, then click “Suggest” to the editors of Buzzfeed. If chosen, your post is published on their community platform.

Viral Nova

This website invites submissions, suggesting that they’re searching for “photographers’ galleries, compelling content, and everyday occurrences that deserve attention.” Include photos of your work, or perhaps videos to feature interest, and include a backlink to your site.


You will have already got a profile on this business-related networking site. Did you recognize that you just can write articles there as well? Include photos or videos, and knowledge about yourself as an artist, your work, technique, inspiration, etc. – plus your website link.

As you create backlinks to your website, your website ranking should increase, although it’s going to take a pair of weeks before the links are indexed by Google and you see results. You’ll also keep track of backlinks and site ranking by employing a service like Alexa, which offers many useful analytic tools.


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