Feminist Art On The Road To Digitization In 2021

Feminist Art On The Road To Digitization In 2021

Digitization had been dominating many aspects of our lives since the advent of the world wide web and the internet as a whole. The same technology is starting to unlock secured data such as the iCloud onlock. But still, the same technology opens the doors for new trends that still need to be explored.

Digitization Film with Imaging Archives

Francisco Carolinum, formerly known as Landesgalerie, has been analyzed for more than three months as a photography and media art venue in Linz. In the exhibition year 2021, feminist art will dominate, but it is also the subject of digitalization. The opening of the house is still in progress.

This spring, from April 14th to September 26th, the Polish feminist art icon entitled “Future Mysterious World-Natalia LL” will be reviewed extensively. The “Consumer Art” series shows photos of young women who like to eat bananas, sausages or ice cream, and have completely escaped from the cool rationalism of conceptual art. In her work, as a conscious feminist position, she clearly expressed the guarantee of lewdness and pornography in ordinary advertising messages.

He Yunchang: The first review
In the autumn, Chinese artist He Yunchang will provide insights into his sometimes shocking performances. However, it turns out that this is a work of art that is deeply analyzed and highly referenced-Ai Weiwei’s exhibition is He Yunchang’s first comprehensive retrospective in Germany country. The Beijing artist has never taken care of himself: he poured himself into concrete for 24 hours, burned his robe, stayed in the middle of Niagara Falls, or removed the arch. His body has always been an important part of his artistic achievements. It will be exhibited from September 28th to January 30th.

Search engine artist
From October 12th, you can watch the “Gretchen Andrew-Trust Boundary” program. Gretchen Andrew is an American search engine artist who studies and manipulates the working principles of search engines in her paintings. The girlish and mundane content of Gretchen’s vision board is in sharp contrast to the male-dominated AI, programming and political control of the world in the digital age.

Anna Ellenstein
From October 12th, Anna Ehrenstein will work with an artist group to reflect on contemporary media and deal with the socio-cultural consequences of digitalization and immigration. The German Albanian artist studied the communication between people and things in the digital age.

Hans Frank Gallery and Historical Photography
At the same time, work continues. In the spring, another part of the administration will be relocated to create enough space for the Hans Frank Gallery on the first floor. In the future, exhibitions about historical photography will be held.