The Art of LED Light Therapy

The Art of LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a treatment for various skin conditions such as sun damage, acne, wounds, and others. This is a famous treatment because of its noninvasive approach.

Patients may opt to undergo LED Light Therapy either at a derma clinic or at their home through the use of a device. This works by utilization of different light waves to enforce the healing process of the skin repair naturally. However, in order to see the result, one must undergo various treatment sessions.

The Beauty of LED Light Therapy

LED is a short term for the words “Light Emitting Diode“. Way back in the 1960s, this light was popularly utilized. But it was just recently when the medical industry acknowledged its use as a skin treatment. 

It was originally created by NASA to stimulate the growth of plants in outer space. But, it was already years when LED revealed its use in wound healing and growth of human tissue.

Generally, there are various wavelengths of light under the LED. Blue and red are the most popular in penetrating deep down the skin. The penetration signals the biological processes that support the healing and rejuvenation of the skin.


The blue wavelength in the LED light lowers down the activity around the sebaceous glands. Lowering this skin activity may help the glands in lesser oil production thus improving the symptoms of acne.


This wavelength may enhance scarring and rectify the signs of ageing like that of wrinkles. This can be done through having actions on the fibroblasts where the collagen is produced.

The Work of LED Light Therapy

Based on studies, the effectiveness of LED Light Therapy is noticeable in wound healing and other skin conditions. In the cosmetic field, a device for LED light therapy can help in improving health conditions like psoriasis and acne.

The improvement of acne symptoms from the use of LED Light Therapy is more evident in most individuals. However, not all acne may be treated clearly. 

That’s why in LED Light Therapy, individuals must have to undergo several sessions in order to see the result. Moreover, just a tip for a healthy lifestyle, follow-up sessions are necessary for maintaining the results.