Korea’s Tongin Gallery Supports Contemporary Art

Korea’s Tongin Gallery Supports Contemporary Art

Art is characterized by the difficulty of growing on its own without the support of anyone. In the 15th and 16th centuries, there was a Medici family in the Republic of Florence, which allowed Renaissance art to blossom. Masters of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphaello and Botticelli were born. The artists ahead of the time suffered a difficult life having no access to health care like https://www.gogrit.org/personal-care/best-blood-glucose-meters/ as what we have today. Their work often saw the light after death.

Van Gogh, considered to be the greatest painter of all time, was not recognized for his work in his life, but he died in a posthumous war.

Korean Contemporary Art

In Korea, many artists were also struggling to make ends meet. In the mid-1970s, many artists visited the Tong-in Building, which became a landmark of Insa-dong. Many people struggled with the cost of living as well as the cost of painting materials. Tongin Building was completed in 1974 and founded Tongin Gallery, which handles contemporary art and crafts. If Tongan crabs sell antiques, Tongin Gallery is a place that handles contemporary art such as abstract paintings.

The Tongin Gallery commenced to help contemporary artists rather than make money. Since 1974, it has exhibited the works of contemporary artists. The first and fifth basement floors of the 7-story Tongin Building are used as the Tongin Gallery Exhibition Hall. An average of one artist’s work is on display for a week, so a year’s work is displayed and sold by 52 artists.

Park Seo-Bo is one of the contemporary artists exhibited at the Tongin Gallery. He held his first solo exhibition at the Tong-in Gallery in 1976. Lee Dong-yeop also had a solo exhibition at Tong-in Gallery, where all the works displayed were sold. He boasted that he had touched a lot of money for the first time in his life. Song Kwang-ik became a guardian of Tong-in Gallery and supported the exhibition, and numerous contemporary art artists, including Kim Gu-rim and Hwang Sung-joon, Kang Kyung-gu, held exhibitions in Tong-in.

Tongin Gallery is often hosting invitational exhibitions of world-class potters. Bodil Mantz, Piet Stokeman, Jean François, Gohei Ryoji, Yoshikawa Masamichi and Philip Bart have exhibited.