“The American Struggle” by Jason Lawrence: A Reopening Offer of The Met

“The American Struggle” by Jason Lawrence: A Reopening Offer of The Met

When planning to visit the recently reopened Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Met, make it a point to have a look-see at artworks depicting America’s struggles and compare them with today. Presented as an exhibition of artist Jacob Lawrence:and his works, “The American Struggle’ Review,” displays some of the vivid artistic panels comprising a series of paintings that describes the history of America between 1775 and 1817.

The unsettling events of the month following COVID-19 lockdown period is a subject that artist Jacob Lawrence would have included in his fierce presentations of the nation under the leadership of President Harry Truman. “The American Struggle” has been touted as Lawrence’s most ambitious series as it meticulously researched an overview of what the artist described as

“The struggles of a people to create a nation and their attempt to build a democracy,”

Lawrence’s original 60-panel depictions dubbed as “The Migration” series, gave emphasis to the struggles experienced by African-Americans in their journeys from the rural regions of the South toward the industrial North during the early 20th century. However, the series was divided between the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Phillips Collection in Washington.

Peabody Essex Museum,of Salem, Massachusetts, which organized The Met’s exhibit, was able to include only 24 of the 30 panels that Lawrence was able to complete and exhibit at the Allan Gallery in New York in 1956-1957.

The American Struggles under the Trump Administration

While the U.S. is once again struggling with the resulting economic downturn of a major pandemic, there’s a stark contrast to how Trump’s leadership played out in alleviating the hardships faced by the American people. This time, the struggle involves not only the African Americans but also other cultural groups as well as the low-income citizens of this nation.

Unlike President Truman who, while helping the nation rebuild after World War II, also helped advance the recognition of the rights and welfare of the African-Americans. The Trump administration, for starters, is a lot different, because he openly supported racism and white supremascist groups, although his main agenda is for his own enrichment. The nation’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic was unable to take off since Trump went against the advice of health experts; endangering everyone including his own supporters

The American struggle now includes a growing number of homeless people, many of whom were evicted as a result of unemployment. While the economic relief paycheck has stopped arriving and the state funds providing unemployment insurance have dwindled, Trump continues to turn a blind eye on how the American people continue to struggle under his lack of competencies as a leaders.

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