Know What to Wear – Identify Your Boots Type

Know What to Wear – Identify Your Boots Type

From over the globe, boots is a popular type of shoes being used from the Medieval era up to the present times by different kinds of people.

And, from then on, different types and designs of boots have been popularized due to the positive power of art. However, if you are just starting to love this one of a kind shoe, you must have to learn those types and what really fits your style.

Types of Boots Based on Your Fashion

Listed down below are three of the common types of boots that have been penetrating the fashion world. And if you’d also love to check out the best place to buy these beautiful boots, just visit


Generally, Hiker type of boots are creates with features that are hike-ready, as it name implies. Its appearance or look have a rugged aesthetic appeal. Hiker boots always have a wide-fit allowing to have extra space to give way for thicker socks. Moreover, it also comes with a lace-to-toe closure that uses eyelets with D-ring shape for the purpose of firmly securing the foot.


Having a lesser lace, Engineer boots type comes in a heritage style. And because of its rugged and hardwearing appearance, it is generally popular among motorcyclists. The Engineer boots contain shaft that is typically in higher level of about eight inches and up.

It also has a pull-on style that provides an adjustable buckles located within the mid-foot and upper-shaft. Moreover, the heel of this boots is either a low block or a Cuban heel type. The upper part of the boots is made up of full leather with a plain toe.


This type of boots is military-inspired from the first two world wars. Service boots also have two styles under it. The classic service boots have welted construction, sole that is hardwearing and a low block heel.

It also have an upper leather with either a plain or capped toe and a derby-style lace closures. Moreover, incorporation of metal eyelets and hooks that are of speedy type adds up to a more rugged-looking styles similar with the Red Wing Iron Ranger. Meanwhile, the Viberg type of the service boots is a simple looking one with a clean upper portion.

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