Games Artist – Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Games Artist – Who Are They And What Do They Do?

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But what makes a video game appealing, interesting and exciting?

Apart from playability, the appearance of a video game is a weighty and fundamental element in its success. Many video games today are designed to appear realistic as possible whereas others go for a more conventional look. It is the job of a video game artist to model as well as texture all characters and objects in the game to arrive at the desired outcome and effect.

video gameGames Artist – Who are they and what do they do?

A game artist is responsible for creating 2D and/or 3D art for the video games’ visual elements, like game characters, background and scenery, objects, props, clothing, texture, and color. Each of these visual elements establish the appearance video game as well as the gameplay experience. Even though this profession is centered on computer graphics, many game artists, especially at the initial stages, still make use of the usual hand sketching.

Games artists, basically, are graphic artists who specialize in video games. They picture or visualize what the characters, items, and scene would look like. They then sketch out initial designs, develop these designs into configurations that fit and harmonize with the desired feel of the video game, and then transform the selected sketches into computer graphics, either in 2D or 3D.

Game artists are under the direction and supervision of a lead artist. They carry out a variety of jobs having differentiated responsibilities as well as techniques:

  • Concept Artists – They usually make use of pen and paper instead of computer software to conceptualize and sketch the various visual game elements. While they aren’t involved in the creation of the video game itself, their concepts are very helpful and useful in shaping the appearance of the game.
  • 3D Modellers – They build the visual elements of the which includes the life forms, vegetation, scenery, furniture, vehicles, and more. They put a balance between the balance visual detail and the limitations of the technology of the game.
  • 2D or Texture Artists – They create as well as apply the necessary textures to the visual elements. This is an area that requires skills and knowledge of perspective, lighting, materials as well as visual effects.
  • Environment Artists – They work with the environment (landscape) of the game and may opt to make use of 3D moedling and texturing to create intricate layered shaders as well as a number of simple animations.
  • Lighting Artists – They deal with the lighting and everything that goes with it, such as color and intensity, creating and putting every lights in the different levels of the game to make the game more realistic and establish mood during gameplay.
  • Effects Artists – They are responsible for bringing any area of the game to life using both 2D and 3D tools, creating effects like smoke, water leaks, weather conditions and more.