Do It Yourself – Painting Your Own Motorcycle

Do It Yourself – Painting Your Own Motorcycle

Most people who owns a motorcycle would want to as much as possible bring their bikes with them anywhere they go to flaunt their sweet ride. To do so, aside from riding them, use a motorcycle hitch that can handle your bike’s weight to carry them anywhere with your automobile.

One of the ways for your bike to stand out from the rest is to have a customized paint job. This could cost you a lot if you hire a professional. However, you could actually do it yourself. Whether you’re aiming at saving some money, or just love and enjoy the task of completing DIY projects, you’ll then maybe take on the project of painting your motorbike.

Painting Your Motorbike DIY Style

Custom paint jobs for motorcycles are a brilliant approach to give your motorbike an exceptional look. Doing such project yourself would allow you to cut back on the cost of labor while at the same time as having more command and hold over your own flairs that you would want to include in the paint job. Moreover, it could be a great deal of fun and fulfilling to personally paint your own.

If you are considering to paint your bike, consider the guidelines below for you to be better prepared and equipped as you begin to paint your motorbike.

Paint Booth

To make your own paint booth, look for a space wide enough such as a shed or a garage. You will need to place plastic on every wall to not only to shield them, but to also help reflect light for you to better see. As soon as the plastic are positioned, place fans in the windows and place tape around the fans to seal it onto the plastic. You have to ensure that your paint booth is bright enough for you to clearly and properly see as you work. If lighting isn’t sufficient, you could purchase temporary lighting fixtures.

Safety Precautions

Safety ought to be a priority. Paint fumes could be noxious and are flammable as well. Hence, ensure that your workplace isn’t attached to your home. Wire your lighting fixtures properly and make certain that they covered to be protected from paint. While painting, you will require the right respirator for you not to inhale the fumes.

Paint Paraphernalia

To paint your motorbike, you will require no less than two paint guns, one for primer and the other for base and clear coats. You will be needing an air compressor, air hose as well as a regulator along with a water trap.

Preparation Before Priming

Before starting to paint, you have to check the oil and fuel tank of your bike. Make certain they are pressure checked as well as free of leaks.

Sandblast the metal parts on your bike to get rid of the old paint. In the absence of a sandblaster, you could utilize sandpaper as an alternative. Wipe the sanded parts with a degreaser that isn’t oil-based prior to painting.

For low spots, apply fillers and be sure to apply it very smoothly. After drying, sand it and check for low spots and nicks (repeat the process if you find any) then you could apply the primer.