Are Video Games Art?

Are Video Games Art?

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If you have read for a little while, you will understand I write a lot about video games.

It is something I’ve adored since I was young and also have come to love much more in my adolescent years. I am enthusiastic about video games and expect to create one or make you, as far as I need to create films or have published daily. I really don’t have a place of authority on which I will discuss, this is largely opinion-based. That said…

Video games are art.

This was one stage a subject of disagreement, but video games have become regarded as an art form is not just the eyes of the creators and gamers, but also the government.

In 2006, the French ministry of culture recognized video games as a kind of artistic expression. In May of 2011, The National Endowment for the Arts established video games as an art form by beginning to give out licenses for “interactive games” from America.

Canada also does so with all the “Canada Media Fund” which partly financed “The Dark.” There was also the 2011 “Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association” that gave matches exactly the exact same degree of free address other kinds of art have in the USA.

Why can we think about these games’ artwork? In my view, they’re considered an art since they’re an amalgamation of the other genres of art. I really like the visual stylings of “The Long Black,” “Shadow of the Colossus,” and “Pokemon,” and that I really like the songs in games such as “Transistor,” “EarthBound,” and “Castlevania.” And of course that the tales of “Bioshock,” “SOMA,” and”Detroit: Be Individual.”


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Video games operate as interactive adventures that rival the level and pleasure of films. They’re among the most significant and most common kinds of the artwork we’ve got in our day and age. The mixing of mediums that push games towards their peak of quality is exactly what I love most about video games. Due to my small dyslexia, reading has always been hard for me. I have a problem with grammar and that I favor graphic novels and films to a literary classic.

Video games, films, plays, and other visual mediums have helped me communicate and clarify my ideas. That is partly why they’re the focus of everything I write about here in the Daily Utah Chronicle.

I know a good deal of individuals turn up their nose at the mention of video games, and that is fine, but I want to have game programmers and games be respected as other artists and types of amusement. Online gamer websites like Daretobedigital also support the video gaming community and believe that video games are a way of creative expression.

Video games may be family fun bowling simulators, large budget shoot-em-ups or even a mystery novel come to life. All of these are in 1 manner or another, an expression of imagination. Art.


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