Painting Your Own Car

Painting Your Own Car

Painting a car is a genuine piece of art. This work normally costs several thousand euros. You should also do this job yourself, depending on which car has to be painted and how long it can last. A perfect paint job on a new car is impossible to do on your own resources, but even if you do choose professional paintwork, you can save a lot of money by planning in your own workshop. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about painting your own car.

Know your limits

Before you start painting your car, you need to know what kind of results you can expect. The painting of a new car or professional repair paint is only possible with the right material and appropriate training. It is an illusion to believe that with a few home remedies you can achieve the same quality in the home garage as a professional in his garage.

Therefore, do not paint the car yourself when:

  • you still want to sell the car
  • it is not your own car
  •  the car is used for representative purposes
  • it is a high-quality car

Self-executed paintwork is ALWAYS visible and in most cases results in a significant loss of value of the car. An exception to this are company cars Consider limiting yourself to tractors, dredgers, trucks, and vans if you want to repair cars and paintwork for sale in your home garage. A highly corroded Sprinter, Transit, or Ducato makes a great practice object for self-crafted painting skills.

How is lacquered?

There are three ways to choose from when you want to give your car a new color or refresh it.

These three methods are:

  •  spraying
  • roll
  • wrapping

Beforehand, a carefully roller-painted cart doesn’t necessarily look any worse than a car repainted with semi-professional tools. However, rolling is considerably easier and also requires less preparation.

Good preparation is ninety percent of the work

Planning is much more important than anything else when painting. Much like when traveling, planning should always be a part of it. And part of that planning is having the right numbers for repairs and towing services ( In car painting, some carelessness can eventually result in significantly worse outcomes that can only be repaired with considerable difficulty. Therefore, schedule at least ninety percent of the time required for the preparation that you set aside for the painting project. In principle, you can count on two days of work to paint a normal passenger car.

Paint the car yourself – all facts at a glance:

When to paint yourself?

  • When the car no longer has to be sold
  • When it is an older company car

What methods are there?

  • Paints with roller
  • refinishing
  • Wrapping

Where can be painted?

  • Where one has at least one roof over one’s head

What do I need for painting?

  • A lot of time, thorough preparation, good material and tools

What does painting yourself cost?

  • Between 50 and 500 euros and two days

Advantages of painting yourself

  •  Cheap
  •  Fast
  •  Creative

Disadvantages of painting yourself

  •  Loss of value of the car
  • Results not optimal
  • Takes a lot of time

What is the ideal way?

  • Prepare the car yourself for the paint job, leaving the rest to professionals.