How The Business Industry Can Benefit From Art-Based Learning

How The Business Industry Can Benefit From Art-Based Learning

Most people revel in their leisure time. The industry of arts, entertainment and recreation provides them with a variety of things to do, whether they wish to go touring historical locations, attending sports-related events, going to a spa like the Ethos Spa in New Jersey for a day of pampering, or frequenting a variety of other leisure and entertainment outlets. This sector of the business industry, which makes available employment opportunities, is imperative to the wellbeing a nation. If you are a proprietor of an establishment or business that is inside this diverse and active industry, it is imperative that you safeguard your investment with a commercial insurance policy intended purposely for the sector of the arts, entertainment and recreation.

Safeguarding your investments also means investing in your employees, staff, or personnel since they play a major and crucial part in the success of your business. Giving your workforce continues and relevant training and workshops is one way to improve their services and productivity as well as the satisfaction of your clients.

One example is to incorporate the arts in workshops that are business-related. Corporate arts-based learning is a method wherein learning is interdisciplinary. Arts are utilized as a passage or medium to discover topics that aren’t directly related to art like leadership, variation, and innovation in business. The objective of arts-based learning is not to train people to be artists but to make learning experiences that are immersive by means of artistic methods to aid individuals to gain new understandings and standpoints regarding challenges encountered in a business.

Art can have an insightful influence on management and leadership, since we cannot search for all the solutions, answers, or remedies to our challenges in the logical, rational, and scientific world. Accordingly, the arts are appearing to be an exemplar for business to adopt. By means of art, it is safer to ask more profound ore deeper queries that brings about the emotional reality and fact regarding a circumstance.

Making art is an aid to quiet or calm the mind and allows us to be more connected with our innermost consciousness and wisdom. The process of making art takes individuals out of the sphere of logical thinking and into the sphere of silence, reverie, as well as intensified awareness.

Aside from leadership, creativity and innovation skills development, there are a few more skills that can be improved through Art–based learning, such as collaboration and teamwork, appreciative inquiry and leading change as well as idea-generation, problem-solving skills and values creation and meaningful work.

Art-based learning are also integrated in most schools and learners benefit much from it. Watch the video below.

Integrating Arts In Learning