How Can Scent Inspire Art?

How Can Scent Inspire Art?

Just imagine you are making your best painting for the world… you are listening to such good music, you are staring at a blank space and think of happy thoughts, and suddenly the smell of joy came in the way, that then is the start of something remarkably beautiful— art.

The alluring power of scent is the main reason why a lot of people are finding their groove and drive in something that they do— That includes art. Almost not everyone realized this, but yes, your choice of scent inspires the artist in you, drives your creativity and fuels your inspirations.

The question is… is it really possible that scent can inspire art?

The Truth About Art as an Art

Aroma has, for quite some time, been a wellspring of motivation for workmanship and is even viewed as a type of craftsmanship and art in itself. It has become the dominant focal point in numerous centerpieces and propelled ages of specialists because of its emotive nature to lure people and inspire them.


Infact, scents are not just scents alone but it is the aromatic sensation that either leaves people dumbfounded or gave them so much inspiration. Today, as art a scent collided, the effect is real— it may give you ideas like never before.

One spray from scents really can make such difference.

Either you are writing a book, a novelty, a sculpture, a painting, a poem, a photograph, an exhibition, here are top 3 artistic works that fragrance and scent take part in making them come to life.

Parfum Exotique Poem by Charles Baudelaire

This particular poem is inspired by the poet’s lover’s exquisite scent. It basically describes and talks about an exotic imaginary world that he had transported into, after inhaling her smell with his eyes closed. Truly, scent can give so much inspiration— especially if it also comes with love in it.

Pot Pourri Painting by Herbert James Draper

British artist James Draper had a love-affair with flowers – particularly roses – as he grew up in a house overlooking Covent Garden’s flower market. The roses and their fragrance kept inspiring him and appeared in many of his painting. This alluring piece celebrates femininity and Draper’s love for roses in a very sensual yet discreet way.

Meet Me in Saint Louis Movie

A lighter approach to the topic of scents and its connection to memory lies in this classic film by Vincente Minnelli. After the main character, Judy spends a lovely time with Tom Drake a.k.a The Boy Next Door, he says “Wow, that’s a nice perfume.” Judy blushes, “Do you like it? It’s Essence of Violet. I only take it out on special occasions.” Tom Drake replies “Exactly the kind my grandmother wears.” Just the compliment every woman dreams of hearing, right?