Contemporary Street Art: when Non-traditional Art motivate People

Contemporary Street Art: when Non-traditional Art motivate People

Street art can be a strong platform for reaching out to the public, and motives of street artists can be as diverse as the artists themselves. Several wish to bring up the attention of social and political concerns; others basically see metropolitan space as an unknown structure for personal artwork, although others may take pleasure in the challenges and dangers that are connected with setting up illicit artwork in open public places. However, the common style in most, if not most street art, is that creating visual artwork into a format which uses public space, enables artists who may usually feel disenfranchised, to get to a much wider audience than conventional artwork and exhibits normally allow.

Street Art and Self Expression

What’s more fascinating from the viewpoint of the digital culture is the reality that many of the artists utilize social media (Facebook, Flickr) to sustain their fan base and to circulate their artwork further. In certain cases, social media are also used to market. A major continuing theme in street art and social networking is that relatively than creating a standard fan page many street artists concentrate on building a bigger fan base using a personal account under their pseudonym.

But in current years, from being hostile, street artists have calmed down and a whole lot of them have used the modern street art movement to a different degree, a more mature and humanist stage, where street artists inspire people to feel much better about themselves every day.

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