Books With Which Children Learn About Art and Make it Themselves

Books With Which Children Learn About Art and Make it Themselves

If you want to teach your children about art in a playful way, you can visit these books are great fun. Everything is art shows how famous works of art can be a starting point for your own crafts. The Grote Kunst Doeboek is full of fun assignments.

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Everything is Art

Everything you see can become a work of art, so make something of it, is the motto of this book. It shows how famous artists were inspired and how children can create art themselves. By making art yourself, you will also understand it.

This book is full of famous works of art. With each artwork, you can read who made it, what his or her inspiration was, and what it represents. If you then open the flap, you will see how you can use it yourself. Not exactly as the artist did, but in a way that appeals to children. The book is divided into four chapters: people, animals, places, and stories. I went to work with both children.

The Snail

Daughter of almost six years old chose The Snail, by Henri Matisse from 1953. The snail is made of colored pieces of paper, so you “paint” with colored paper. The flap contains information about the artwork. If you open the flap, you will see an idea to get started yourself. We made this snake together in the frame. Then the little girl had a taste, she liked painting with colored paper. So she also made a garden the same way, with pencil drawings in between.

The Bird

His eight-year-old son chose De Vogel, by Georges Braque, from 1949. The book’s suggestion was to make a print with rope, sponge, and paint. But as befits a real artist, he was only inspired by it and devised his own plan. The turtle with circles, that appealed to him. So he was going to make it out of cloth. In the box with old shirts, he found a print with circles and stars, perfect for this job.