Atlanta Street Murals Shine as Complementary Art Exhibits to the 2019 Super Bowl LIII

Atlanta Street Murals Shine as Complementary Art Exhibits to the 2019 Super Bowl LIII

Atlanta’s hosting of the 2019 Super Bowl LIII event is turning visiting football fans into admirers of the city’s street art. The Super Bowl Host Committee selected 11 artists to paint murals along English Avenue, Castleberry Hill, Sweet Auburn and Vine City. Those districts are currently showcasing a mural art exhibit entitled “ Atlanta’s Civil Rights and Social Justice Journey.”

Meaningful Mural Paintings will Forever Carry Atlanta’s Legacy to Its Citizens

The artists commissioned to paint the mural exhibits were selected on their ability to narrate stories or meaningful statements, whilst preserving African-American histories in some of Atlanta’s street walls. Coming from different U.S. States aside from those homegrown in Atlanta, all eleven artists are sought after and highly acclaimed for their exceptional mural paintings.

Even the location of the street walls posing as medium for the art work, were carefully selected. They have been silent witnesses to the peace marches and non-violent protests led by prominent African American leaders from 1940 to 1970. Present generations and not only visitors, will have a constant reminder of how their forebears fought valiantly for their future.

English Avenue and Vine City, two adjacent neighborhoods that are likely familiar to returning Super Bowl fanatics; being near to George Dome where the 2 previous Super Bowl Events (XXVIII and XXXIV) took place. Vine City by the way is home to historical universities and colleges that manifest what African Americans in Georgia have achieved, and can further achieve. Castleberry Hill is another familiar and interesting place, as it is a favorite shooting location for movie and TV productions.

The most relevant downtown area in which to present the theme of the Mural Art exhibit, is Sweet Auburn. The engaging street arts in this area, would be hard to miss by visitors heading to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthplace and tomb; and to the APEX Museum.

What More Could Atlanta Super Bowl Fans Wish For?

A lot of preparations were made to make Atlanta a one-stop entertainment destination not only for sports, live music and art; but also for the appreciation of the city’s history. Hosting of the Super Bowl events have always been well-planned; aimed at providing sport enthusiasts different forms of entertainment that will enrich their visit. Perhaps the only thing missed by avid football spectators are the services of bookmakers.

However, the State of Georgia has faithfully honored its commitment not to introduce gambling entertainment in its jurisdiction. The absence of land-based casino therefore, makes it impossible for Atlanta to include, even pop-up sport betting facilities as additional attraction.

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